Saturday, January 24, 2009

Base sizes in Battlesystem

Battlesystem 2nd ed came out in 1991 and figures where smaller back then being truer to 25mm then the 28/32mm+ we have today. So I'm finding that their basing system isn't working for me so I've decided for my games to change them.


Small sized infantry 15mm or 25mm (halflings,goblins,dwarves,etc)
Man Sized infantry 20mm or 25mm (human,elf,orc,etc)
Large Sizes Infantry 30mm (trolls,ogres, etc)
Giant Sized 35mm or 40mm (Giants, Dragons)
Cavalry 25mmx50mm

New sizes I'll be using
Small-Medium Size(Halflings-Humans) 20mm or 25mm
Medium-Large Size( Orcs,bugbears) 25mm or 30mm
Large Size( Ogres,trolls) 40mm
Giant Size(Giants) 50mm or 60mm
Dragons based as needed
Cavalry 25mmx50mm

In all honesty I' don't ever recall a single 25mm figure fitting on a 15mm base. It kinda brings them in line with a certain popular fantasy rule set played today