Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Of Spears and Halberds...

In the rules for Battlesystem Spears and halberds operate as follows

Spear: AD6*6, Range 1"/2"/3" 1pt
Halberds: AD8 Second Rank can attack 2pts

My problem with this is that Spear seems like a throwing spear and the halberd seems like a spear infantry would use to set against a charge.

I'm going to play around with the changes below and see if these give a better feel for what I'm looking for:

Throwing Spear: AD(same as model)*6, Range 1"/2"/3" 1pt
Spear: AD(same as model,no increase) Second Rank can attack 2pts
Halberd: AD increases by 1(ex. model with AD8 equipped with a halberd goes to AD10)Front rank only 2pts