Sunday, February 15, 2009

FSE Full Thrust Battle Group

So last September I started working on a FSE fleet for Full Thrust and by mid October had everything done but the Battle Ship. And the Battleship sat unloved on the paint table till February 13th 2009 when I pushed aside the elves I was working on to finish the Fleet pictured above.

FSE or Free States Europa in the GZG universe consist of various nation in Europe. I decided to paint the various ships based on present day nations flags.
3 Belgian Cygne Scout Ships
3 Italian Daphne Corvettes
4 Portuguese Lemnos Frigates
4 Greek Thetis Destroyers
2 Italian Ardennes Light Cruisers
2 Spanish Colbert Escort Cruisers
2 French Tourville Heavy Cruisers
1 Spanish Duquesne Battle Cruiser
1 French Da Silva Battleship

22 ships total