Monday, March 16, 2009

First Battletech miniatures in over a decade...

I used to play a lot of Battletech back in the 80's to mid 90's and then parted ways with th game and the collection. With Catalyst games releasing some time ago the Starter box I finally got around to picking it up and playing a few games. So I went a little nuts an picked up around 80 or so of the metal mech's to supplement the plastics that came in the intro box. I do prefer pre clan tech to clan tech so will be playing mostly with 3039 tech readout.

Over on the Catalyst forums I found an excel spreadsheet to generate random mech lances based on the house you want to play. My light lance randomly generated(except for the Flea) for Liao consist of a
Flea( my all time favorite Light mech)
Hermes II

Hope to put it to a test against a Davion Light Lance this week.