Sunday, April 5, 2009

Battle Report Liao Light Lance vs Federated Suns Light Lance

Liao Light Lance consisted of(viewed from FedSuns point of view L to R)
Hermes II

Federated Suns Light Lance (viewed from Liao point of view L to R)

Opening moves and what amounts to very ineffectual shooting on both lances part.

Commando score hits with his missiles against the Raven tearing into his Center Torso and Right Leg.

While his lance mate the Wolfhound opens up on the Javelin hitting with every laser to the Javelins Right Torso and Arm and Left Arm(taking it internal)

The Liao lance is again in effectual with there shooting missing with every shoot. Javelin does connect with the wolfhound punching him in the Left arm.

Jockying for positions the Javelin still fails to see the danger he's in and instead of breaking contact with the wolfhound continues to stay next to him( Which will prove to be his last mistake)

The Liao lance has apparently been failing their gunnery exercise's as everyone but the Raven fails to hit their intended targets.

The Raven does light up the Commando on it's Left Torso and Leg.

The Hornet misses the Hermes II as does the Commando when it returns fire on the Raven.

The Valkyrie rips into the Flea hitting him in the Head, Right Torso and Leg.

The Wolfhound rips into the Javelin yet again Destroying both Arms and the Right Torso causing an ammo explosion and vaporizing the Javelin.

The Raven advances after the Commando but upon realizing his mistake fires at the Wolfhound hitting him in the Right Arm.

while his lance mate introduces the Valkyrie to his Flamer causing minimal damage.

At this point you have to wonder if the Hermes II is fighting for the CCAF or if he's a traitor having done pretty much nothing at this point.

The Wolfhound returns fire at the Raven but misses him. The Commando on the other hand light up the Raven with missiles and laser fire hitting him in the Right Arm, Left Torso and Leg.

Valkyrie and Hornet miss their targets.

The Hermes II finally does something or is it still just a ruse? He fires his autocannon at the Commando hitting him in the Right Leg.

The Raven Forgetting about the Wolfhound pursues the Commando but misses him. This will be his last mistake.

The Flea turned to face a Valkyrie but he has moved away.

The Commando returned fire on the Hermes II hitting him in the Center and Right Torso as well as the Left Arm.

Valkyrie misses the Flea.

The Wolfhound proves to the Raven why he shouldn't be ignored. He rips into the Raven's soft rear armor with everything he has causing an ammo explosion again and taking down his second mech of the game.

Flea fires but misses, it doesn't look good for the Flea.

The Hornet rips into the Flea destroying the Right Leg completely, While the Commando rips into the Flea causing an ammo explosion and destroying the Flea.

The Valkyrie does minimal damage to the Hermes II Right arm.

Hermes II misses the Valkyrie.

The Hermes II calls it and beats feet off the field, obviously to report back to whoever he really works for.