Sunday, May 31, 2009

Well May is gone....

And I didn't accomplish much else this month. The Kurita lance siting on the desk primed but not started. I did manage to finish a Grenadier "Stone" monster, not really sure what it is but it's been on the table for a year. Will take a picture of it to see if anyone can id it. I also finished this morning(except basing) a 12 elf spear unit for Battlesystem. And picked up enough WOTC Star Wars pre paints to do Hoth and generic engagements, I'm thinking I'll be using the old West End Games Star Wars Miniatures Battles rules with them. Hopefully next weekend I can get a game in.So the month wasn't a complete waste hobby wise just not as productive as I would of liked. Once the basing on the elves is done I'll post pictures of them.

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