Friday, January 8, 2010

Back to my NAC force

Finished these up today, Now I just need to do the squads for them

Finished these up last month but they slipped by the camera. It's the command squad and transport.


  1. Really like your vehicle camo. I'm guessing you mount your figures on washers? I do the same and get quite a nice shape on the bases by using pollyfilla to fill the gap between the figure base and the washer. Some examplesare on my website here

  2. Brilliant! I like these a lot!

    Great 'Mars' red finish on the bases.


  3. Kobold, Thanks. Yes on washers. Took a look at your site and you have some nice stuff, Will have to give the polyfilla a try.

    Mark, thanks I was going for a mars like effect. I plan on having some terrain boards done up for this project as well down the road.