Thursday, April 8, 2010

Help them find a good home.

I have what I believe amounts to is 2 Slaughterloo divisions. One of the Elves and one of Orcs/Allies.Pictures can be seen here link
Contact at imp522 at yahoo dot com

Ferach Elf: all painted
8 Espirit gu Garde
7 MTD Dragoons
7 MTD Dragoons
6 dismounted Dragoons
6 dismounted Dragoons
10 Elf Voltiguers
Mordred's Elite Grenadiers( 19ft and 1 mtd)
Elf Artillery and Crew
LE Marshal Salut
Emperor Mordred
20 Line Elf's
20 Line Elf's
10Carbiner Light Infantry
3 ft Elf Officers

Albion Ors: all painted
20 Line Infantry
20 Line Infantry
19 Albion 105 foot "The Rifles"
Cpt. Sharky, Sgt Harpy & 3 rifle orcs(from the 1st ed Flintloque box)
20 Line Goblins of Al garvey
10 Orc Hussars
10 Dragoons
6 Orc officers(4ft, 2 mtd)
20 Highland Rifles
8 Highland Ra Piper band
Various artillery

Flintloque: Anything is of interest if it's usable for Witchlands
Battletech Inner Sphere mechs and vehicles up to 3039
Epic 40k let me know
Other 6mm Scifi
6mm Microworld Fantasy any considered
GHQ: German,Italians,British for Africa
Aeronef:any fleets
Other 6mm Historical's let me know what you have and who makes them.