Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dipping an Empire Army

It seems no matter how much I try and clean the hobby closet more gets added into it. Some stuff I want to work on more and other stuff I go it'd be nice to have it done but ... So over on the Reaper miniature Forum I stumbled across this link and it inspired me to give the dip a go. As it so happened I have an empire army in need of painting but it's pretty low on the priority list of spending time on. So last weekend I built a unit of swordsmen and a detachment of halberds along with the Army standard bearer and a cannon and crew. Painted them dipped them and finished basing them today.

I chose the scheme of the province of Wissenland from the army book.If I was doing my normal painting scheme I probably wouldn't of chosen it as I'm not huge on painting big patches of white. But for this I figured I go with a scheme I normally wouldn't have tried to paint. I'm happy with the results overall. They'll not win a painting competition but  look decent enough on the table. I probably spent more time on building the models then it took to build them.