Thursday, February 10, 2011

Disappointed ....

I like there stuff and have an elf and undead army waiting in the wing's to be painted. Like the rules that I can download from there site for free. Liked the first two issues and understand there still getting off the ground. But really you publish once every three months and you put the rules and army list in here? Come on, they're on your site and in your box sets did you really need to put them into the journal? You couldn't find anything else to put into the journal? 


  1. I read the first issue and wasn't over come by a need to buy this. I can imagine it is hard to build a hobby magazine based on a single line of products. GW puts an ABSURD amount of work into theirs and I still don't buy it.

  2. Gw's back in the day was enjoyable to read now it's a big hobby ad. Oh well I did get Mhorgoth the Faceless in the deal and he cost almost as much as the subscription so I guess it equals out. I don't think I'll re subscribe though.