Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dem Bones, Dem Kobold Bones

I always wanted to do a large group of Kobolds.Cost had always prevented me from doing it in the past. But with the release of Reaper's Bones range and the 6 pack of Kobolds they released in it it became quite possible. I was able to pick up the 10 packs of Kobolds,5 ogres and the Metal Kobold Leader and Shamen from Miniature Giant for right around $40. Giving me 62 Kobolds and 5 ogres or about $.60 per figure.I also raided Reapers bone yard and picked up a unit of 15 Kobold archers. My plan for the army is to use Army Painter colored primer and the quick shade. Next update will see the army assembled and my thoughts on the bones material.

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