Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blog closed

It's been fun but it's time to say goodbye to this blog. No further updates, not that I had that many this year due to work. Thanks to those who stopped by and took a look or even followed me.


  1. It always makes me sad when I see one of these :(

    Don't go I read your blog! I don't always comment but I promise I will from now on :D

  2. Some blogs fade away, no big deal, but it will be a bummer to see this one go. You've got great content day in and day out, your painting productivity is jaw-dropping, and now we'll never see the Kobold Horde finished.

    Maybe just take a break? Come back to it when you feel inspired? I don't know, just hate to see the blog go.

  3. Hi!

    Its a real shame to see you are stopping this blog! Its been a real source of inspiration. Saying that i have had to stop work on my Leviathan blog after a bit of a burn out.

    Hopefully you can keep this blog online and possibly start work on it again at some point!

    All the best!

  4. Hey guy's thanks for the comments. Work has just taken off( a good thing) and has left me little time to paint/wargame this year. I'll leave the blog up and if/when things settle down I'll get back to it. I did manage to finish 1 unit of the kobolds so maybe when I get them all done it'll mark my return.

    @LB your blog was an inspiration for me as well!
    @adeptgamer I'll see you around on bartertown
    @MIK love your lego stuff

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