Saturday, March 30, 2013

SLM 20mm Beastlands warband

More great 20mm Bob Olley Sculpts from Splintered Light miniatures. This is my second warband done with these figures. Have another 4 of them to do.


  1. Oh these look good. Do you think they would go well fighting against the Dwarves from the LoTR's miniature line? I would say they would be similar in stature right?

    Are the miniatures quite expensive? Or are they a decent price? I wanted to try sculpting some imps, but changed my thoughts later on.

    Whilst I'm here, I'd like to invite you to two things. First off, would you care to look at my latest painted miniature of Gandalf, slightly modified? Nathan's Fiction Sphere

    Next is, I'm thinking of doing a monthly post where people email me a picture of a model, models, they've painted within that month and are most proud of. It will be displayed on my blog with name, owner name, their thoughts etc, as well as link to their blog. Just wondered if you would be interested?

  2. Satyrs and fauns will be smaller then the LOTR guy's. Splintered Light does do dwarfs in this line. I find them decently priced around $1 a fig for the majority, a little bit more for bigger/mounted guys. Great service from the company as well.